College 101

Desert High School Code (aka CEEB Code) : 050800

Creating a College List

How To Create a College List by Ethan Sawyer and Steven Antonoff (Author of College Match and College Finder, and Ted Fiske (Author of the Fiske Guide)

Applying to a UC campus?

Dates and Deadlines: Watch for DEADLINES. The UC application makes no exceptions due to several thousands of applications needed to be processed.


The UC "Personal Insight Questions"

A great worksheet to help you get started and organize your thoughts

Download Worksheet

Applying to a California State University

Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center


Common Application

With over 800 colleges and universities around the nation and world, the Common App is a easy way to manage your application process. Below are instructional videos to help you navigate through your application through the Common App.

"Creating a First Year Common App Account" Step 1

"Searching for and Adding Colleges" Step 2

"Completing the Profile Section" Step 3

"Completing the Family Section" Step 4

"Completing the Education Section" Step 5

"Completing the Testing Section" Step 6

"Completing the Activities Section" Step 7

"Completing the Writing Section" Step 8

"Completing the FERPA Release Authorization" Step 9

"Intro to the Recommendation Process" Step 10

How To Get To College

  • A-G requirements for CSU and UC's
  • Step By Step guide per grade year of how to navigate your way to college

Download Handout

UC Webinars By Ethan Sawyer

Ethan Sawyer, author of "The College Essay Guy" offers UC Prompt Essay tips as well as personal statement tips. A great webinar series.